(Bushmills, County Antrim)

Our lead Irish distiller for the 2018 festival is Bushmills .Quoted as perhaps the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world, it is situated only a short distance from the World Heritage site of The Giants Causeway. We are delighted to have folk lined up to attend from the Bushmills Visitor Centre, to tell us all about the whiskey and visiting this stunning tourist area.

The whole of Ireland uniquely forms one single Whiskey producing region and has seen a significant recent growth in new and craft distilleries. The spelling of ‘whiskey’ with an ‘e’ is a tradition of the region which was later adopted in much of the USA. Another tradition is that of Triple Distillation and Pot Stills all of which the Bushmills folk can explain further at the festival.

Ireland has often been quoted as the birthplace of whiskey, although it did not take long for it to transfer the short distance across the water to Scotland. We always carry a range of Irish Whiskey in our Malt Bar and this will be added to further for the festival. Bushmills offer a range of malts of different ages and the well known Black Bush.