Loch Lomand  Whisky



The Highlands Whisky Region strictly includes the sub-region of Island but we show this sub-region on separate pages. The Highland Region is vast in size and stretches to the top of Scotland and Orkney whilst reaching down south to Stirling and Loch Lomond. Unlike the Speyside region the distilleries are very spread out, with sometimes more than a hundred miles between them. The photograph above of Loch Lomond in winter is a classic image of the Highlands, yet a number of distilleries are more coastal such as Oban, Glenmorangie and Dalmore.

Two of the regions malts have a regal connection being Royal Brackla and Royal Lochnagar. The Balmoral estate adjoins Royal Lochnagar and Queen Victoria visited it along with Prince Albert and her children.

Edradour for long quoted as one of the smallest distilleries, is thought to have had part Mafia ownership, during the American Prohibition period. Rather than direct ownership by Frank Costello (Godfather films) it is suggested that ownership was through associate Irving Haim. One should perhaps keep in mind that many Highland distilleries had much earlier routes in illicit distilling, until the industry became more regulated.

Our whisky scouts have recently travelled from the Scottish Border to Old Pultney distillery in the far north of the Highlands region, visiting many distilleries en-route. The extensive range of Highland Malts, routinely carried , will be supplemented even further for the Harrow Whisky Festival.