Gardens and Food are an important part of our offer, as we make significant use of our Kitchen gardens to supply fresh produce for our Chefs. We also grow many flowers to decorate the hotel throughout the year. We have significant areas, largely tucked away out of sight, that are under glass or cloches, so as to grow early vegetables and flowers for cutting.

The gardens and woodland extend to some 40 acres which is quite remarkable for a location so close to London, only around 3 miles or less from several Underground and Main lines. A short taxi ride from Stanmore (Jubilee line), Harrow-on-the-Hill (Metropolitan line) or the express line to Euston from Harrow & Wealdstone will bring you to us. The website gives you ample information about reaching us by tube, train and indicative taxi fares. The 40 acres of grounds also mean we have ample free car parking.

The gardens were originally landscaped by Victorian artist Frederick Goodall, who had Grim's Dyke built to his order. An existing lease meant he could not start construction immediately, so he progressed with landscaping. Today we see the enormous value of his landscaping efforts, especially in winter, since he had Giant Conifers and many Rhododendrons planted, so the gardens have very substantial greenery throughout the year. Provided the paths are dry enough they are delightful to wander on in Winter, often under a canopy of tree branches.

Amongst the variety of things we grow in the kitchen gardens are many herbs, a large selection of vegetables. The fruit trees and bushes provide us with soft fruit for desserts and preserves.