Springbank distillery www.springbankwhisky.com will be attending the Harrow Whisky Festival with its wonderful array of Campbeltown Malts. The fourth visit by Springbank, they will be warmly welcomed back by those who enjoyed the first visit so much. The Springbank distillery range of malts comprises Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow along with Kilkerran from its nearby sister distillery. Campbeltown was once known as the Whisky Capital of the World because a century or more ago it had so many distilleries (more than twenty). Hence it qualified as a distinct Scottish Whisky region.

Our whisky scouts remark that Springbank has one of the best distillery tours as so much of the process continues on one site. Operations at the distillery site range from traditional malting of barley to bottling, which are activities now missing from many distilleries. The craft elements of distilling have been very much retained at Springbank and combine to produce delightful malts. The annual Campbeltown Malts Festival in May now celebrates the regions prowess in distilling, whilst its musical connections are celebrated at www.mokfest.com. Music connections being far wider than the Mull of Kintyre song of the McCartney’s, who lived on Kintyre for a time.

Campbeltown is almost at the foot of the long Kintyre peninsula and closer to Ireland than to most of Scotland. The beautiful Davaar Island with its cave paintings is immediately opposite the town, at low tides it can be reached across the sands.


Spring Bank Whisky