Wemyss and Kingsbarns

Wemyss www.wemyssmalts.com  joined us for the first time at the 2017 festival and return for 2018. Loved for the Wemyss Malts range of blended malts with fascinating names like Peat Chimney, Spice King and The Hive. The Wemyss family background in blending wines has been taken forward into whiskies, to produce these excellent expressions from carefully selected fine casks. Wemyss Castle is the historic home of the family and John Haig (founder of Haig’s) built his first distillery on Wemyss land. Even today barley from the Wemyss Estate is prized by leading distillers.


A natural development from blending malts was to open a new distillery www.kingsbarnsdistillery.com . Kingsbarns Distillery has been located in attractive farm buildings on the Cambo estate, near Fife. Distilling started in 2015 and the three year mark (when spirit can first be labelled as whisky) will be reached during 2018. In the meantime excellent tours are being held at the attractive distillery site; a recent development adds in Darley’s Gin on the same site. The whisky, after is three years maturing in the cask, is keenly awaited by enthusiasts.